Frequently Asked Questions

-What is solutions-gold.com LTD?

solutions-gold.com LTD is a virtual world with digital land ownership and its own economy. solutions-gold.com Ltd is divided into two types of areas: urban and gaming. In urban areas, you will be able to attend NFT fairs and 3D markets, buy NFTs, virtual spaces, real estate and clothing, as well as attend events such as paid or free sessions, concerts, virtual band shows and training classes.

-Who can participate in your program?

We accept members from all over the world, irrespective of their citizenship. Our services are available to any individual or legal entity in the world.

-What’s the name of the company president?

solutions-gold.com LTD.

-How long do you plan to offer online investment services?

We plan to offer our online investment services for as long as our clients are satisfied with our provided investment opportunities. We have designed a perfect financial and advertising strategy that ensures constant progress and growth. Thanks to our market analysts we able to do so for you and keep our clients satisfied all over the globe.

-Can I be sure that your website is really safe?

We actively monitor the security at solutions-gold.com and the security of the User data, completely excluding their leakage or interception by third parties. SSL certificate secures reliable encryption in the data transmission, and our specialists constantly monitor the Shop Investment Ltd, ensuring the security of financial transactions and protection against DDOS attacks.

-What payment options do you accept?

We accept following ePayCore, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ripple, Tron, Tether TRC20, Tether ERC20, Tether BEP20 and BNP.

-How many active investments can I have?

Only 2 Deposits Per Month Are Allowed.

-How is the payment amount for creating a deposit or withdrawing funds limited?

The minimum amount to create a deposit is 10 USD for EpayCore and for Crypto is $100 and Max deposit is $20,000.

-How fast do you process withdrawals?

All payment withdrawals are processed instantly.

-What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal for ePayCore is $0.1 and for Crypto is $20. There are no limits on maximum withdrawal amount. There are no limits on the number of withdrawals per day.All cryptocurrency transactions are processed after 3-6 network confirmations.

-Is it possible to deposit money via one currency and withdraw via another?

No, it's not possible. We do not provide crypto-currency exchange services.

-When will I be able to receive back my principal investment?

The principal (your initial investment amount) is already included in the daily payouts. It is not returned separately once the deposit expires.

-Do you charge any hidden fees from withdrawals?

No, we don't charge any hidden fees. Some payment processors charge some fees.

-What should I know about the Referral Program?

We allow Users to earn with us not only by investing under favorable terms, but also by participating in the Referral Program. Attract other investors and get 3-40% of the deposit amount of your referral.

-What affiliate program does solutions-gold.com Ltd offer?

We offer up to seventh referrals, which depends entirely on the amount of capital invested by those who have started investing through you. The more they invest, the more profit you get.

-How can I participate in your affiliate program?

You can participate in our affiliate program by registering and sharing your affiliate link with others.

-How can I receive my affiliate link?

Please visit your members’ area to receive your affiliate link. It’s in the format: " https://solutions-gold.com/?ref=username”, where “username” is your unique username at Invest AC investment program.

-Do I have to be an active member to receive affiliate commission?

No, you are not obligated to make a deposit in order to participate in our affiliate program.