About Us

About solutions-gold.com LTD!

solutions-gold.com LTD is a virtual world with digital land ownership and its own economy. solutions-gold.com Ltd is divided into two types of areas: urban and gaming. In urban areas, you will be able to attend NFT fairs and 3D markets, buy NFTs, virtual spaces, real estate and clothing, as well as attend events such as paid or free sessions, concerts, virtual band shows and training classes. Game zones will act as arenas where solutions-gold.com citizens can play various games such as Battle Royale, racing and adventure. You have to invest to participate in the game. The winners of the game will receive the bets of the other participants. This is the general basis of our company, which is carried out by IT and business experts and experts in the field of programming. The new world is the age of Metavars and the whole world has to greet this new age! By investing in our company, you will partner with us in this industry and receive a profit, and in this regard, our company can make a lot of progress according to your investment. So join us.

Explore Metaworld

Explore places that can’t be found in the real world. It can be NFT galleries, cities, arenas for NFT games, places for events, or anything you want.

Earn crypto

In addition to earnings from solutions-gold.com Ltd, Members will be able to Investment, land plots, NFT avatars, digital clothes and other assets. Plunge into the economy of a new generation.

Create 3D marketplaces

Any NFT marketplace can be integrated in the solutions-gold.com Ltd. Urban areas in the solutions-gold.com Ltd will have special zones for creation 3D NFT marketplaces, witch will be the next-generation marketplaces for 3D NFTs.

DDOS protection

Our servers are the most equipped and up-to-date servers in the world, which are constantly updated and checked, and work flawlessly against any new attack.

Registered company

Our company is fully legal and officially registered in the UK. Company Number: 13486711

Support 24/7

Our experts and technicians are always online and will answer your questions about investing and any other problems quickly.